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Immune Stressors
Immune System
One major key to health is how much control you can muster over your immune system.  

You already know how much control your immune system has over your health.

There are a variety of categories of natural immune system products made to help your body do just that – influence how your immune system responds.

Often the word “immune” will be part of their product name. And, at the least, it will be front and center of their product description.

Quality immune system products are distinguished from each other by what they do, how they’re made, and what they’re made from.

To say each immune product is appropriate for everyone would be highly inaccurate. To say each immune system product actually works well would also be inaccurate.

For some people immune system products are like little miracles; almost overnight success stories.

For others they’re not enough.

There are a variety of other elements that aren’t called immune system products but still help your body control your immune system just the same.

Adding them to your body’s support system is often the difference between success and disappointment. 

What are all these immune products? How might they relate to you? How do you find them? Why might you need them?

I don’t sell immune system products. I do have formal training in nutritional therapy with a focus on the immune system.

I’ve responded to hundreds of questions over the last ten years from people who had counter tops full of natural supplements - and still had missing pieces. It’s frustrating and expensive.  
So, I wrote Immune System Solutions: Products and Principles. Having it is the difference between traveling with a map, or without one.

Sorry out of print!

Help your body help itself, naturally.
Kathy McCurdy

Immune System Products
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