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Immune System focus: the human immune system, the immune response, immune system support, what you need to be aware of when you boost the immune system, what is immune system balancing, combating immune system stressors, what weakens the immune system, what strengthens the immune system, immune system diseases and disorders including auto immune disorders and how you can help the body heal. Site Map
The human immune system, immune diseases & auto immune disorders
Immune System
Immune Stressors
Navigational links are available on the left side of every page or click on main topic links below. To get the clearest overview, view the topics in the order listed.

This site on the human immune system includes a compilation of statements and opinions expressed by a variety of authorities and researchers in their various fields in relationship to immune system function. Millions of words have been written on these subject areas. If you’d like to explore a specific area in depth click on the book(s) displayed on the left side of many pages or look in Resources for purchase through

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Human Immune System
Disease – Invaders and assaults; how disease is defined; why us, why now.
Deficiency - Explanation of the 2 types of human immune dysfunction with an emphasis on low immune function or immune deficiency
Autoimmune – Underactive, weak, or immunodeficiency; overactive, autoimmunity or autoimmune; definitions and theories; list of autoimmune diseases; hormones and autoimmune diseases.
Immune 101 – An indepth, easy to understand explanation of the relationship between how the human immune system works in relationship to stressors; comments on Ai/E10 extract (an immune support ingredient)

Human Immune Stressors
Introduction – An overview to human immune stressors with links to each stressor below.
Poor Nutrition – A discussion of inadequate nutrition; links to Fats and Sugar.
Poor Digestion – Another way to have poor nutritional intake; common problems.
Radiation – Almost impossible to avoid.
Antibiotics – Antibiotics are life saving however, there are potential difficulties associated with antibiotic overuse.
Hormone Imbalance – Some expert opinions; HRT (Dr. John Lee); Hormones and Prostate Cancer (Dr. John Lee); saliva test; hormones and autoimmune diseases.
Infection – Some viruses attack the immune system directly. Among them are the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV), HIV/AIDS, HHV6.
Free Radicals/Antioxidants
Toxins – External/internal; heavy metals, petrochemicals, food additives, pesticides, chemicals, outgassing, water, food irradiation, genetically engineered foods; impossible to avoid. Detoxification.
Stress – Indicators, adrenal glands/essential fatty acid involvement.

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