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Immune System focus: immune system information, the immune response, immune system stress, immune system support, what you need to be aware of when you boost the immune system, what is immune system balancing, combating immune system stress, what weakens the immune system, what strengthens the immune system, immune system deficiencies including autoimmune diseases and how you can help the body heal.
Immune System Stressors
Immune Stressors
Immune System
It’s All Connected
“The immune system is made up of a vast network of interrelated organs and biochemicals [specific immune cells, messenger molecules and serum factors], each part carrying a preprogrammed imprint of how it should perform and what a healthy body state is….

All of these cells communicate with each other with overlapping functions between various white blood cells, which helps the system to compensate when certain parts are not working properly. The immune cells receive information from the diverse organ systems including the brain.

This means every aspect of one’s being is influenced by and has an influence on immune capability.” Janice Strubb Wittenberg, R. N., The Rebellious Body

Immune Stressors
Poor NutritionSugar - Fats/Essential fatty Acids
Poor Digestion
Antibiotic Overuse
Hormone ImbalanceHRTProstate CancerAutoimmune
Saliva Test
Direct Infection
Free Radicals
Toxins - Detox
[Contributing information by: Dr. Jesse Stoff, Dr. John Lee and other experts]

Suppressors Become Supporters
According to Dr. Jesse Stoff, immune system dysfunction is behind virtually all severe and chronic disease. As a general statement, if the deficiencies, exposures or imbalances that exist in the above areas suppress immune function, then the lack of deficiency and exposures, and presence of balance in these areas must support it. 

Direct Immune System Competence
The immune system needs healthy immune cells plus the communication pathways between those cells to coordinate, promote and stop immune responses. The cytokine (communication molecules) environment directs immune activity according to Dr. Jesse Stoff. Also according to Dr. Stoff, addressing the “stressors” in and of itself will not in and of itself repair those pathways, “our body does not have the internal machinery to repair that pathway and turn it back on. It’s a two step process”. 
“Under ‘normal’ circumstances, when you’re healthy and not under physical or mental stress, your system’s requirements for nutrients can probably be met by a well-balanced organic food diet. Now let’s get back to reality.

Getting Real
Given the toxins in our air, food, and water supply, all of which require extra nutrients for the body to detoxify and eliminate, and our usual, fast-paced, stressed-out, Western lifestyle which also burns extra nutrients, even if we are eating whole, organic foods, virtually all of us wind up with a long list of nutritional deficiencies.” Dr. Jesse Stoff