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Immune Stressors
Immune System
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You want to feel good. You know your immune system has a lot to do with that.

Where does it go wrong? What does that look like? Is it under-active, over-active (autoimmune)? Have you developed allergies? What are the different ways you can help get your immune system on your side?

There are so many different immune support products. They’re amazing and mind befuddling. Do they all work the same? Do some only work sometimes?

For instance, what’s the difference between colostrum products and Ai/E10? How about transfer factor? What’s that about? Or glycolnutrients? Or thymic protein? And the many mushrooms and other herbs that boost and stimulate, and even inhibit or kill things like viruses and bacteria?

Then there are the beta glucan products and the plant sterols and sterolins. And we can’t forget hyperimmune eggs. How are they different? And so many others…

If all these products or supplements especially marketed for the immune system weren’t confusing enough, there are a whole slew of other easy to get things. Supplements not usually associated with the immune system. But they still influence it and therefore you; some in a very big way.

Sometimes these immune support products, great as they can be, can’t do the job without these powerful “accessories”. 

I have formal training in nutritional therapy with a special focus on the immune system. I don’t sell products. I’ve responded to hundreds of questions over the last ten years from frustrated people trying to do the right thing. After answering many of the same questions over and over it seemed more efficient to write a book about it. So I did.

It’s called Immune System Solutions: Products and Principles. Having it is the difference between traveling the world with a map, or without one.

Help your body help itself, naturally.
Kathy McCurdy